What are the symptoms of anxiety disorders?

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Each specific anxiety disorder has its peculiar symptoms, but we can talk about generic symptoms that define anxiety disorders and these are …

  • Anxiety and excessive worry that occur for at least 6 months;
  • Difficulty in controlling worry and anxiety;
  • Restlessness, having nerves in floral skin, continuous tension;
  • Fatigue and ease to get tired;
  • Difficulty concentrating or empty memory;
  • Irritability and hypersensitivity;
  • Muscle tension and pain in the back, neck or joints;
  • Sleep disturbances such as difficulty falling asleep or keeping sleep, sleep restless and unsatisfactory, sudden and violent awakening;
  • Imminent and diffused sense of danger;
  • Blood pressure increases;
  • Increases heart rate, accelerates the heart;
  • Sweating becomes abundant or excessive;
  • Increases blood flow to major muscle groups;
  • The functions of the immune system and the digestive system diminish;
  • Congestion, stomach heal or reflux may occur;
  • Diarrhea, aerophagia or intestinal gases, constipation and intestinal pain;
  • Skin pallor;
  • Trembling and pupil dilation;
  • Sense of terror or panic;
  • Abrupt behavior of escape or eviction;
  • Hyperventilation;
  • Distressing feeling of emptiness and senselessness;
  • Dry mouth mucous and difficulty in speaking;
  • Sensation of lack of control over the body and mind;
  • Thoughts run fast and are inaccessible;
  • Afraid to stop breathing;
  • Rigid neck;
  • Fear of undressing;
  • Need air;
  • Tingling to the fingers;
  • Nod in the throat;
  • Vomiting or vomiting, nausea, stomach ache and stomach pain;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Chest oppression;
  • Confused head and sensation of mental illness or mental confusion;
  • Fear of hurting;

They are so many, right? If you have tried anxiety – pardon – an anxiety disorder, you will definitely experience many of these unpleasant feelings. The symptoms of anxiety can be divided into four main categories …

  1. Cognitive Symptoms
  2. Physical symptoms
  3. Emotional symptoms
  4. Behavioral Symptoms

Thought, mind, heart, body, behavior … what is missing? Nothing! The anxiety symptoms affecting all areas of our lives, they do not usually save even one. As soon as the anxiety sees a tiny hole in the place, where it enters, intrudes and begins to trample on its dirty and stupid plans to make our lives empty, miserable and terrifying.

Ok, those just listed are the symptoms of anxiety, but do we want to talk about life? People live indescribable words and often fail to communicate what is happening to them because anxiety is also imposed on language and expression. Anxiety moves us away from other people and does everything to get us into a prison of loneliness and misery. When you feel you want to tell your friends, children, parents, or a specialist everything that goes through your head, anxiety alarms and hinders you.

Why should he do such a thing? Because you are more able to communicate your anxiety, the more you make it vulnerable. The more you manage to isolate you, the greater your defenses and your powers over you. Anxiety is like a hateful, petty parasite that creeps into your weaknesses and does everything to feed them. At first anxiety does not manifest itself, no symptoms emerge. It usually takes years before anxiety manifests itself with real symptoms, with some recognizable manifestations such as those I’ve listed.

Anxiety can begin to do its subtle work in early childhood and its iron determination allows it to work in the shade for tens and tens of years in some cases. Anxiety seeks in all ways to make you build a complex and fragile system for you to threaten and intimidate at the right time when “it’s too late”. After making you believe that your life must inevitably flow in a predetermined direction, anxiety threatens to collapse everything. So, we are usually victims of a slavery and a stumbling block that can actually be dismantled in four and four o’clock.

As? How can you handle anxiety? How do you fight anxiety? How do you cure anxiety and how can you overcome anxiety if we are its slaves? It must be dropped from the paper castle that made us build and tighten us. Anxiety is the obvious symptom of a life that does not belong to us, a lifestyle that is inconvenient and gives us only suffering. In philosophical terms, anxiety stops our becoming, is at the same time the invaluable wall that our existence faces and the hammer that allows us to overthrow it.

Anxiety is the striking warning of our existence that screams to say, “hey, so it’s not right, you have to change it!” – and again: “How many times do I tell you, I cannot do it anymore!” The Paradox it is ours to be paralyzed to curb the extreme need for change. Anxiety blocks all our energies and uselessly dispose of resources that we could use much better. Anxiety is a mill that grinds inexorably in our day and is laughing at our rebellion. But we can do it, you can do it too, I bet everything.


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