What are the most common causes of anxiety?

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Causes of mental anxiety

We establish these mental habits since we were young. Somehow, children develop our experiences with thoughts that at the same time flow through the synaptic paths of our brain and constitute the first mental structures. They are like a cement with which we build the buildings of our inner city, but also the roads that connect them and bring us to new and ever-new territories.

Thoughts behave like proteins: some amino acids are burned to produce energy while others form the bricks of our internal and external tissues, from the liver to the eyelashes. This means that some thoughts, some elaborations and interpretations of reality come to be part of us forever. They become mechanisms of future interpretations, formats, layouts, structures, or standards for the creation of thoughts to come. Almost the molds. Here are some examples:

  • You have denied and continue to deny very often mistakes, fears, frustrations and sufferings of all kinds. As a child, you learned to turn on the other side. If you were disappointed with a gift, you dropped it and forgot about it. Burying, hiding under the rug are your automatic thinking mechanisms. Strongly antigenic: when the carpet is no longer enough to cover a mountain of dust, you will fall from its summit.
  • Minimization, removal and other mechanisms are all relatives or deriving from the removal. To laugh instead of crying, being busy not thinking, being cynical or super-optimistic, are all ways to deny reality.

What would it be? Reality is made of a present around which we oscillate like a pendulum. We can never stay with our feet well anchored to the present at the moment. If something makes us suffer, our mind seeks in all the ways of diverting tears, delaying them, expressing them with a tattoo or a glass more at the bar. Crying is healthy, laughing is healthy. Spontaneous research is the shortest path to happiness.

The mental spontaneity is a natural attitude; it is about changing their mental patterns to bring reality into us with fewer filters, or at least with the right filters. Self-assessment thoughts, negative visions, pessimism, fears, jealousy, obsessions are all the result of a mental mechanism that we have installed from children and that we have been brought to this day, having fed it with all of our experiences.

Causes of social anxiety

The social level is more or less the same. Society’s values and patterns come into our little brains through parent’s teachings, imitation learning, culture, and symbolism, and float as free as thoughts, but at the same time settle down by building imposing structures. Sometimes these structures turn into real cages of personality.

The sense of guilt, the imposition of social roles, the expectations of the family … are instances that calcify in our inner world, sometimes become too cumbersome. The inner world must be ordered, happy and sustainable, like the one we live in.

Causes of food anxiety

Are we what we eat? Much yes, yes. Here, then, some habits taken as assiduous can cause anxiety. Habits we do not question in any way, even when we do not know the source. There should be a sticker on the habits, just like for vegetables. Where does this habit of drinking coffee in the morning?

Is milk good for bones and makes us grow healthy? And Coca Cola settles us down in the summer? Fantasize would say, “it is a crazy shit!” And it’s true, really! The bitterness does not digest better if we consider the volume of alcohol. Fruit juices hurt children, as well as ice cream and candy, snacks and a thousand other crap filled with sugar and preservatives. The speech is long; Let us limit ourselves to these causes of anxiety …

  • Sugar: One of the worst drugs
  • Sweeteners: Apart from honey and coconut sugar, let them all lose
  • Coffee and caffeine: No need for presentations
  • Fruit juices
  • Snacks, sweets, sweets, candies
  • Packaged products
  • Snack
  • Excessive consumption of animal protein such as milk, dairy, meat, sliced eggs
  • Modern Mediterranean Diet, with gluten-free food anywhere and foods
  • Drink some water
  • Icy drinks
  • Alcohol and alcohol to profuse

Speech becomes even more complex if we talk about intolerance, deficiency and intoxication. Almost all food intolerances, deficiencies and poisonings can cause anxiety, cause or favor it. Including vitamin deficiencies, supplements suppression, and heavy metal poisoning.

Causes of physical anxiety

The sedentary lifestyle is a silent killer and also lazy. Our bodies are not made to stand all day long. We are tensely lazy, like many animals, because we can get them to live in a short time and rest the rest of the time. But finding enough fuel for our bodies means moving your butt.

Being 10 hours sitting in front of the computer (as I do) is not good. It can cause physical modifications at every level. From muscle spasms to spine, from hemorrhoids to the onset of some muscles such as diaphragm. If your choice of life imposes you (as in my case), after long hours at the desk, practice a bit of Yoga, walk, run, go to the gym, do some sports.

Just half an hour or one hour a day to give our body what it asks us: a little bit of movement. No mechanism in our body works as a stop. The blood circulation is stagnant, the muscles fall apart, the back suffers. But it does not end there. The intestines, the lymphatic system, the organs, the nervous system and the mind finally suffer from it.

Causes of behavioral anxiety

Bad habits: How many times have you thought about quitting smoking, quitting late at night, finishing it with canes, drugs, and drugs? Here is a list of the worst causes of anxiety …

  • Smoke
  • Drugs
  • Supplements
  • Circadian rhythm alteration

We are talking about abuse, but also about chronic or occasional use. You can live well without smoking, drinking, without drugging. But it is absolutely essential to sleep well. Our body has evolved following thousands of years of the Sun and Moon phases. We are no nightlife and even though the night fascinates us, we do not like our complex living system.

You should sleep in the dark and be awake with light. It did all of mankind up to a few decades ago. Then the ‘900 shook everything, every habit. We have come to the fore (long ago) to be more than just evolved animals. We are superhuman and supermen. Science, progress, the future!

In short, we build colonies in space, play with atoms, and we cannot sleep. We are not happy, we do not do the crap and we do not breathe well. We have a lot of sexual and complex disorders of every kind. A clear signal of evolutionary alarm: we have gone too far from our nature. We have sinned with presumption, we believed the gods. Meanwhile, our cats look at us, between one day and the other, thinking we are deficient.

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