The causes of anxiety and panic you do not expect

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We have come to the juice of the discourse: we have moved away from our nature. Nature itself and all other animals. That is why we do not have any problems destroying the environment, extinguishing mass animal species surviving millions of years of evolving challenges. What Nazism did to the Jews, we are all doing it with the environment, with nature and with our very nature.

Moving away, feeling different, better, superior, we feel right to shoot a deer to embalm its head and hang it on the wall of our chalet, abusively built in a natural habitat rich in fauna and flora. The Nazis have exterminated the Jews because they did not think that sub-men were to be destroyed.

And we move away from our physical, bodily, mental, nutritional, behavioral, social nature to escape the primordial, ancestral anxiety. The fear of death. We do not face it anymore, but we break it in a thousand relics we buried under the rug. A rug below which all our negations lie. A carpet that will sooner or later not be enough to cover an Everest of fears, anguish, unacceptable thoughts.

How can we get rid of all this? Knowing and knowing our nature. Even speaking of anxiety, it often happens that we underestimate many symptoms and signs because they are not part of official classifications. If a person does not have the typical symptoms of anxiety, as described by the medical community, then it is not anxiety, it will be something else. We see then 10 causes of unusual anxiety

1) The early menopause: Menopause for women can get ahead of schedule. In some cases, the lifestyle we have discussed may have a great influence on hormonal balance and destabilize the entire body, causing premature menopause. It could also be expressed as anxiety, but anxiety in this case is both a cause and a symptom of this particular condition.

2) Andropause: The same applies to males. Hormonal changes in men can also occur very soon, around 30 years. In these cases physical and mental changes triggered by testosterone can cause anxiety and panic!

3) Swollen feet in the elderly: People who have reached the age of the old age are very susceptible to anxiety attacks. On the one hand, they may suffer from a physiological anxiety, caused by excessive sedentarily due in turn to difficulties in walking or in movement. Circulation may worsen and cause swelling and stagnation, but also anxiety and psychological crises.

4) Blue light: It’s a new drug, it’s the light of the screens that we stand for several hours a day. Cell phones, computers, TV. Too many hours ruin not only the sight but also the nervous system. They can cause anxiety and confusion.

5) Social: A very effective way to get away from our nature and to abdicate the illusion of sociality, we no longer meet people to live real experiences, but we keep coming back from behind our screens, protected and screened. This behavior creates a strong dependence, and as such causes anxiety.

6) Orthorhysia: In times like these, fixing with healthy eating can also hurt. It is still an obsession. Obsessions, even the noble ones, cause anxiety.

7) Media: Information channels, TV, internet, news and blogs focus on special effects to attract public attention. Online traffic, TV auditing, copies sold, are essentially translatable in money. They’re money, just money. 1000 like a post can generate income. So all, even the most serious professionals, are part of the market logic. But the market wants more and more public, because the public brings money. How do you attract the public? With sensationalism. And how does sensationalism work? With anxiety, with terror, with tormentor. Turn off TV, spend a few days of real life in touch with nature, no phone, no newspapers, no news. You will see how much the media can cause anxiety.

8) Natural remedies: When you take Bush or Bach flowers, or crunchy herbal crunches without criterion, you are not drinking fresh water. Essential oils, herbs, herbs, however salutary, can have many side effects. Anxiety is one of these.

9) Sport: Agonies and some sports that involve excessive and prolonged efforts can lead to anxiety. Cycling, for example, if carried to the extreme, increases cortisol levels in the body and can therefore be considered one of the causes of anxiety.

10) Thyroid: a thyroid malfunction such as hyper or hypothyrodism can trigger unexpected physical and mental reactions. Anxiety is one of the common symptoms of both conditions.


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