The Benefits of Dental Implants

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The self-esteem of individuals takes a serious blow when they have cracked or missing teeth and therefore they hesitate to smile. Full dentures, removable partials, and bridges were the best solution for missing teeth for years, but each of these options had problems associated with it. Now, there has been a development of a more natural replacement for missing teeth in the form of dental implants. As per specialist, “These are basically artificial teeth replacements that resemble a tooth and even a group of teeth”. There are distinct advantages that people will notice when they opt for implants over conventional methods. Some of the benefits are listed below:


These implants can be used by oral surgeons even in conjunction with other restorative procedures that might be needed by the patient. For instance, a crown that’s used for providing support to a single tooth can, in turn, be supported by a single implant. A cap is bonded to the dental implant by the surgeon, which is then embedded beneath the gums into the bone that’s located there. Implants can also hold up a dental bridge, which is typically used for replacing a missing tooth and is adjoined permanently to e nearby teeth. Irritation in the gums can be reduced and strength can also be increased when implants are used with dentures.


It is nearly impossible for an untrained eye to distinguish natural teeth from implants. The functionality and structure of the implant is able to feel as well as look natural because they are connected to the living bone. The implant is designed by the surgeon in such a way that it is the same size and shape as that of the natural teeth. Moreover, individuals don’t have to eliminate anything from their diet because eating with these implants is exactly like having natural teeth. Loss of bone structure, premature aging and face collapse from the lack of teeth is experienced by a denture wearer, but this process is not a part of dental implants.


When individuals opt for a denture, they will notice that their teeth emit a clicking sound when they eat, which can prove to be an embarrassment. Moreover, the prosthesis also causes a problem for people when trying to speak normally. The adhesives used in dentures can also be uncomfortable and they are a constant reminder that one doesn’t have teeth because they are removed several times a day. A permanent remedy is provided in the form of implants, which is why they give a boost to self-confidence.

Success Rate

It has been substantiated by research that implants are now being regarded as one of the most successful procedures that can be found in the field of dentistry. The overall success rate that has been determined is about 95% because patients with these implants feel more secure and comfortable as compared to those with bridges or dentures. In addition, even people who have suffered from bone loss can opt for dental implants as the bone can be grafted by oral surgeons for anchoring them.

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