Depression. The first symptoms

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The previous post about depression is one of the most read and searched in this blog. Unfortunately, I am afraid that many people come to these lines through a search engine because they are worried about themselves or someone they love, so I thought it might be useful to talk about what are the first signs ofalarm of a depression. Depression is not something that comes to mind, it is a serious and complex disease, with a long evolution and for a small number of people ends with death. Most people need a treatment to improve and get out of depression. Most of the depressed people who are treated are cured.Each person is different and a depression can affect different people differently, with unique characteristics in each case. However, there are a series of frequent symptoms, of characteristics common to many people suffering from depression. It is important to remember that we all go through low moments, that disappointments, sadness, apathy are also a normal part of some moments of our lives. We should suspect a depression when several of the symptoms that we are going to describe are seen at the same time, when they persist for several weeks, when they seriously affect and prevent or hinder a normal life. The main warning signs that you may be entering a depression are the following:

Feeling sunken or empty Being continuously sad, anxious, with very low spirits or with a feeling of emptiness. These are things that happen to us all one day or another, but if it is something continuous, persistent, it is a worrying sign. Some people experience a mixture of the terms I have described, others would identify with only one of them.

Loss of interest for everything. Depression generates a feeling that life has no meaning or value, that there is nothing interesting about it. Attitudes of criticism to everything, of boredom above all, of a cynical consideration of one’s life and the lives of others are a typical frame of depression. The loss of interest can also affect the most beloved “hobbies”, the things we like most and even the sex life, which can generate tension in personal relationships and reinforce depression.

Lethargy, fatigue or feeling of not having energy. People in the beginning of a depression may feel that they have no strength at all, it may cost them to get out of bed, they feel exhausted by the simplest domestic tasks, they can not face any of the tasks they carried out each day, in work, at home, in everyday life.

Changes in the sleep pattern. Very often people who are entering a depression suffer alterations in the number of hours they sleep. They may suffer from insomnia, sleep much less, with an irregular sleep and wake up very early, being unable to go back to sleep. Other times, what happens is that they sleep an excessive number of hours, which is called hypersomnia. Sleeping a normal number of hours is essential for a healthy life and having an altered sleep pattern is another possible sign of depression.

Changes in appetite. Do not want to eat and lose weight quickly or binge or eat much more than usual. Again, it is as if our organism is out of control, our thoughts will lead us to unfit, to alter basic health patterns such as a varied food and in adequate quantity.
Persistent pain without a clear reason, discomfort of the head or stomach, digestive problems that do not improve with the logical treatment.
Propensity to cry Crying is normal and good, it is said that hormones related to stress are released through tears. However, crying much more than usual without a clear reason is another sign of possible depression.

Being “passed around”, accelerated. If it is difficult to get on with any task or sit quietly for a while it is another alarm signal. There are people who are very active naturally but depression can generate an uncomfortable feeling of inability to rest or to focus on a certain task. This generates a tension and a dispersed use of our forces without getting anything done, which decreases the resistance to depression.
Difficulty in making decisions. It has been said that depression is a problem of disorders in thinking, with “automatic negative thoughts” flooding the mind. Poor concentration and / or difficulty in making decisions are also symptoms of depression. For this reason, it is important not to make important decisions at this moment, because we can do it in a forced, unthought-of way, as an escape from a situation of helplessness and failure, but causing persistent damage to ourselves and / or the People who love and love us

Pessimism and loss of hope. Some people say that a pessimist is a well informed optimist, but depression is linked to a negative attitude, eliminating all hope of improvement and leaving their characteristic feeling of emptiness.

Poor self-esteem People who have a depression feel that they are worthless and that the people around them, especially their family, would be better off without them. They feel that they are a burden, and that not only are they not happy but they prevent those around from being so. They are not able to see their qualities, their virtues, their value, the enormous importance they have for many people.

Guilty feeling. Depression makes the judgment on oneself, and on situations lived, tremendously distorted. One may feel guilty for not having achieved excessive expectations from their parents or for the failure of a relationship where the responsibility for things to fail is always shared.
Thoughts of death and suicide. We all think of death on occasion. However, depression can lead to continuous or repeated thoughts about death, which can be seen as an end to the suffering that is experienced, the ending of everything, the abandonment of that feeling of sadness, darkness, suffering, emptiness. Depression also reduces the ability to face problems and generates a vision “with blinders” where we do not see all the good things that exist within us and around us.

In this other post you can read some ideas on how to deal with depression but a first message is that if there are several of these signs of depression in you or someone you appreciate, you have to take it very seriously and seek help. Only a doctor or other health professional can diagnose a depression and it is important to put yourself in the hands of a professional immediately. If you or the person who worries you has thoughts of suicide or death, you have to tell someone and get help now, without further considerations, doubts or delays. Already. Depression can be cured but death, no. The sooner you start acting on depression, the more effective the treatment will be and the less the possibility of a relapse or a new future episode of depression.

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