Depressed people describe their depression

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It is difficult to describe what a depression is to someone who has never lived it. Danny Baker asked on his Facebook page people who had gone through this experience to try, in short, to describe it to others. This post is a translation of those comments and these are some of the results:

  1. The depression is not to glimpse any future and not to have an answer for any of the problems of your life.
  2. When you have depression nothing entertains you, nothing makes you smile.
  3. You feel like you are like a ghost … that you are not part of the real world.
  4. It’s like drowning, except you can see that everyone around you is breathing.
  5. Depression is a dark place from which you can not escape. It’s like being locked in a room without light, or windows or door. It is so dark that you can not even see your hands in front of your face, let alone find a way out.
  6. Depression is the inability to build or imagine a future.
  7. Slipping into a depression is like falling into a dark, bottomless pit, wondering if that fall will ever end. And when you look back, from where you fell – and that is where you have to go back – you can see how it is moving away in the distance, that famous light that becomes more and more tenuous, while the well in which you are falling becomes deeper, darker and envelops you more and more.
  8. Depression is like changing your mind for another that makes you feel worthless and insensitive to life, even to my own husband and son. It removes any feeling that is not a perpetual sadness that I never know where it came from but that I know very well. Depression has stolen my trust and I no longer feel worthy of anyone’s love. Depression calls me things and makes me have terrible thoughts, and there have been times when depression has won and I have taken an overdose.
  9. It’s like being trapped in a box that you can not get out of, a very dark place where you feel so dejected that even the simplest tasks are difficult. And you feel completely alone.
  10. A total loss of who you are
  11. You are under a glass floor, screaming and pounding on it to try to capture the attention of the rest of the world that follows their lives without you. The problem is that nobody can hear you and they do not even know you’re trapped there.
  12. Depression is like breaking your heart or mind.
  13. Depression is a state in which nothing knows, smells or feels normal and where you are unable to think or make decisions and yet you have to keep doing all those things. Although most of the time you have neither the energy nor the desire. But you have to continue anyway.
  14. The belief that you do not care
  15. As if the Harry Potter Death Eaters had grabbed you and sucked all the good in you.
  16. It’s like swimming in molasses.
  17. Multiple emotions: fear, despair, emptiness, insensitivity, shame and an inability to recognize the happy and happy person you used to be
  18. Depression is losing the desire to take part in life.
  19. It’s like trying to breathe while you’re wrapped in tar.
  20. Depression makes you feel like you are an actress who plays you – and who is always forced to smile.
  21. Being depressed is like having a tunnel vision, regardless of how your life goes, it makes you feel miserable and overwhelmed for no reason.
  22. the nothing
  23. A cancer of the soul.
  24. Torture.
  25. It’s like being inside a wheel that does not stop turning and turning and you do not know when it’s going to stop.
  26. It’s like living in the fog all the time, a world without color or laughter.
  27. It’s like living in a dark tunnel with no light at the end, no air to breathe no matter how hard you try to fill your lungs.
  28. Feeling completely alone, even if you are surrounded by people.
  29. A complete despair.
  30. Living in hell
  31. It’s like feeling a duel for someone you once loved: yourself. When you look in a mirror you only see the eyes of a dead person. There is no spark. There is no joy. There’s no hope. You wonder if you will be able to exist one more day.
  32. Try to keep your head out of the water when it comes through your nose. And you go sinking. And you can not swim.
  33. Feeling asleep inside. The world and time passes and nothing gives you joy.
  34. Feeling dark, alone, scared. Sleeping is the only escape for pain.
  35. It’s like being the prisoner and the jailer at the same time.
  36. Waking up to another day of discouragement and feeling that weight in your chest will never go away.
  37. You just want to get up in a field and scream until your head explodes, but you do not know why.
  38. As if your mind is paralyzed.
  39. Depression is silence. It is total isolation in a room full of people. It is feeling the tug of life that makes you smaller every day.
  40. It’s like falling into a well and a deep, dark hole and not having a ladder to be able to climb and get out of there. You are trapped in darkness, feeling cold and you feel numbness.
  41. It makes me feel like a small seed in the bottom of a pot, the more I try to grow and free myself, more earth falls on me drowning and pushing me to the bottom.
  42. Depression is an ugly voice in my head that says things like “your mother never loved you and that’s why she threw you out at age 15 to sleep on the street for three months.” It shows me the mental image of the benches where I prepared a bed and of the nooks and crannies where I hid for fear of being turned over. The voice also reminds me of my daughter dying and she puts her picture on my face telling me that I am a mother of shit. The pressure for me is such a powerful force that makes me fear that I will never be free of it.
  43. Being depressed is that all your emotions have been taken away, except the negative ones like sadness, anxiety and fear.
  44. It’s a 10-ton ball of lead in your guts that you can not do anything but drag from one side to the other with you. And you have to try to look normal at the same time you do that.
  45. Every day is a struggle, it’s like the day of the marmot, the same shit, different toilet.
  46. He is a thief … he takes everything away from you and lets you die.
  47. For the rest of the world it is like a peaceful water but there is a tsunami roaring below the surface.
  48. It is more painful than any physical pain you have ever experienced. AND NO ONE can see it.
  49. Depression is hating yourself so much that you can not even look in the mirror.
  50. Depression is waking up wishing that you wish you had died while sleeping.

We know more and more about this hard experience. These are some basic elements:

  • Many people suffer from depression. The WHO estimates that there are currently 350 million people depressed.
  • No one is guilty of a depression. Nobody should be ashamed to be suffering from an illness.
  • From a depression comes out.
  • The person with depression needs more than ever his family and friends.
  • The depressed person should seek professional help, a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Miracle cures do not work, good intentions do not work, it does not work to look for solutions on the internet. Put yourself in the hands of a good professional and follow his instructions.

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