A drug that can cure radiation damage and stop cell aging

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Although still in an experimental phase, the results obtained so far in the tests performed show that this drug could combat cell aging, with all the benefits that this entails Oregano against aging. Experts say that the ability of cells to repair damage to their DNA decreases with age. As we get older, the cells of our body are losing some of their ability to repair the damage that occurs in their DNA. How does cellular aging occur? When this DNA exceeds a certain level of lesions, the cell is unable to perform its function properly.

The consequence is that it activates the process of cell death, or what may be even more dangerous, the uncontrolled division of cells, which results in cancer.

cell aging

Cell Control and Cell Aging

What is the way to get the cells back to repair their DNA? In this sense, several scientific studies have been carried out, among other things because the answer could hold the key to the development of long-awaited anti-aging therapies.

A  study carried out in 2014 shows how a metabolite called ‘nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide’, located in all cells of the body, plays a decisive role in the regulation of protein interactions that control DNA repair. However, there are more novelties in the study.

It has been shown that by administering an enhancer of this metabolite, the ability of cells to repair damage can be substantially improved to the DNA by radiation exposure or aging.

One of the most important conclusions of the tests carried out is that the cells of the older mice were not distinguished from those of the youngest, with only one week of treatment. These data offer information of great scientific value and are creating high expectations.

The researchers say that this study is the one that has reached the furthest in terms of combating cellular aging. That is, in getting an effective and safe anti-aging drug that can be marketed in three to five years.

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Different utilities

The authors of the study affirm that this new therapy could have a definitive utility in:

  • The treatment of different diseases associated with aging
  • Female Infertility
  • Side effects that occur with chemotherapy

Another issue that has been addressed is that of children who survive cancer. A large majority of them will have developed a chronic disease at the age of 45. These diseases could range from a cardiovascular pathology to diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other cancers unrelated to the original tumor.

Why would these diseases occur? Because the affected cells of these people who have cancer undergo accelerated aging that can be devastating.

NASA, interested in cell aging

Why the interest in NASA? If the cellular lesions can be repaired when the radiation exposure has been small, another thing is different in the case of a high radiation. When astronauts leave the Earth’s orbit and their protective electromagnetic field, they are at high risk of radiation.

Although the mission is short, astronauts experience accelerated aging due to their exposure to cosmic radiation.  This result among other symptoms leads to a weakened muscle and a loss of memory.

If we think of other types of more ambitious missions, such as those on Mars, astronauts will spend more time in space, and the risk of cellular aging of the skin will be even greater. These cosmic travelers could suffer the death of up to 5% of all their cells and have a near-100% chance of developing cancer.

Radiation is also dangerous on short flights

This type of cosmic radiation, which could affect cellular aging, is not only a threat to be faced only by astronauts. It is also a problem for people who fly frequently. In the case of making long plane trips, we expose ourselves to levels of radiation similar to what would be an x-ray of our chest.

Treatment with the drug capable of reversing cellular aging would also serve to alleviate the effects of radiation from the flights on the DNA of passengers who travel more frequently.

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