7 aspects that your depression does not want you to know

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What matters is the here and now. Do not worry in the past or worry too much about the future. Let the sun shine on your days.

The depression is the most common mental disorder among the population, and also the main cause of absenteeism in the world today. You will also be interested to know that the most sold medications in the world are antidepressants, and according to WHO (World Health Organization) figures, their administration increases between 10 and 15% each year.

What is happening? Is life ever more complicated and we more vulnerable? The truth is that there is no clear and conclusive “why” that gives us an answer, we could say that each person is unique and that no two depressions are the same. That is why today, it is very difficult to offer some strategies that serve us all, however, yes we can take into account these simple reflections to take them into account day by day.

We encourage you to know them in the following article …

1. The key is self-esteem

People see the life around us and interpret it according to our self- esteem. If yours is low, you will obsess that others, for example, get things that escape you, and you will see yourself as someone who does not deserve certain things, or even more, that does not have “capacity” Enough to get them.

The lack of self-esteem generates internal imbalances and conflicts that are slowly making a dent throughout our lives. It is often said that one of the most dangerous depressions is the endogenous. In these cases there is never a specific cause that generates the disease or disorder. The problem is within us and has probably been brewing since our childhood.

If the family context has always been somewhat complicated, if the links with our parents have not been good enough or have not propitiated an adequate emotional maturity, our self-esteem has always been low. Day by day an unexplained sadness, a lack of motivation and a discouragement that leads to depression are stored.

Take care of your self-esteem! Be the protagonist of your life and not a supporting actor!

2. Suffering is not going to be forever

We assure you, depression will not last for a lifetime or even that pain that you now feel inside and that immobilizes you. If you focus your day to day in a more rational way, discarding negative thoughts and finding everyday illusions, the depression will take off from you like a cold shadow able to fade and disappear.

3. Focus on the present

The past is no longer, it does not exist, it is gone. What good is it to focus your attention on those days of yesterday that only cause you suffering? It is not worth it, just as you should never fall into thinking about the future fatalistically. You do not have a crystal ball with which to anticipate everything that can happen.

Just live the here and now with the maximum intensity and with the happiness that you deserve. It’s the only thing worth it.

4. Ask for help always, but for the best people

You may have been told many times that “the family  is the first to help you, the one that never fails you.” Well, that’s true. However, we have to keep in mind that there are people who sometimes cause us more harm than good. There are those who will think that if you have been diagnosed with depression is “because you are a weak person who is always sad.”

Be careful. Seek professional help and then lean on those family members and friends who really know how to listen to you, those who are always right with your words and those who know how to comfort you.

5. Your Depression Does not Like You Leaving Home

So is depression loves the darkness and the closed windows, besides the silence, where to lock you with your negative thoughts and fatalistic. Do not let yourself be convinced, do not listen to it and go for a walk every day for half an hour. Let the air envelop you, let the sun caress you with its warmth and let people talk to you. Surround yourself with life, movement, light and daily joy.

6. Your depression loves “unhealthy food”

Baked goods, snacks, precooked foods, soft drinks … All these are foods that quench our anxiety and give us that momentary pleasure, but in reality, what they do is to favor our chemical imbalance and to feed even more those intensifying neurotransmitters Our depression.

Begin to consume more fresh fruit and vegetables, water, infusions, Bach flowers, eat oats … Follow a healthy diet that allows you to feel better and accumulate fewer toxins.

7. Decide not to say depression

Is not easy. Saying no to depression requires strength and courage, but there is one thing you must be very clear about: you are not your depression. You are a person who deserves to be happy again, who deserve to see life with hope and hope. So … And if we detach ourselves from today that shadow that insists on making you suffer?


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