5 acupressure points to apply on your face and its incredible benefits

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While it is not a curative therapy, acupressure can help us feel much better and alleviate different discomforts in a natural way.

Acupressure is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the stimulation of specific points of our body to favor a punctual or integral well-being.

Whether we already use it on a regular basis or if we have not yet taken the step, it never hurts to apply it in the day to day to evaluate the results.

Acupressure releases accumulated tension, increases blood circulation, reduces pain and also generates great relaxation.

Thus, it is something that can come very well at a given moment when, for example, we feel overwhelmed by stress.

It is possible to say, yes, that we are facing an alternative therapy, it is not sought or intended to cure any disease, but improve well-being and offer a more natural treatment to ordinary medical approaches.

We encourage you, therefore, to test yourself on these 5 pressure points.

If at any time you suffer a tension headache, you feel exhausted for a long day at work or you simply want to improve your blood circulation, do not hesitate, put them into practice and discover how they make you feel.

1. Acupressure in the “third eye”

Acupressure in the so-called third eye is one of the most common points when it comes to treating headaches  or even migraines.

  • This point is placed right in the center of the eyebrows and on our nasal septum.
  • The application of pressure on this area allows us, for example, to stimulate multiple blood vessels, so it improves circulation, oxygenation and even is useful for treating some skin problems.
  • To stimulate this point you can do it through two mechanisms:
    • The first is simple: just apply pressure with your index finger for 60 seconds.
    • The second form is very relaxing: without lifting the finger from the “third eye”, it exerts a circular motion. Very easy.

2. The bamboo point

The bamboo point radiates our nostrils, favors relaxation, relieves stress and, in addition, allows us to decongest the nose.

  • To find the bamboo point just place your index fingers in the inner corners of the eyes.
  • It is the bone that surrounds our eyeballs, very sensitive spaces that stimulate multiple sensations suitable to offer us a quick well-being.

In this case, you just have to press with your fingertips on these points for one minute.

We must always avoid making too much force. Otherwise, we will feel from pain to brief visual hallucinations, like spots or lights).

3. The point of “the doors of consciousness”

This point is located at the nape of the neck, just at the base of the skull and radiating two essential muscles in this area of ​​our body: the trapezius and the sternocleidomastoid.

  • The benefits of applying acupressure to this area of ​​our body are multiple and worth a try on occasion (although, in this case, it would be more appropriate for a second person to help us).
  • Stimulating the so-called “gates of consciousness” relieves headache and stiffness of the neck.
  • We will also do well to reduce dizziness, dizziness, eye pain and even annoying tinnitus .

The person who exercises this therapy in the nape of the neck should first locate those two points on the basis of our skull.

  • You should first press for five seconds with your fingertips and then massage the knuckles for 3 minutes.

Ideally, we should remain lying down during the whole process.

4. Acupressure in the “fragrance point”

Such a poetic name, “the point of the fragrance”, is actually located in two points located on each side of our nostrils.

The benefits of acupressure in this area are somewhat more limited but still interesting: it relieves migraines and the terrible discomfort associated with sinusitis.

  • To carry it out you just have to place your fingertips in these areas and massage for a minute. Very relaxing!

5. The mansion of the wind or point Gv16 Fengfu

A new name charged with magic to designate a very specific point: our neck.

As a curiosity we will tell you that it is one of the best known, since the point Gv16 Fengfu, located between the confluence of the head and neck, exerts a therapeutic benefit to multiple organs of our body.

These, would be some of its benefits:

  • Improves sleep.

  • It helps us in our digestion.

  • Decreases headache, toothache and joint pain.

  • Promotes blood circulation.

To carry out the stimulation of the wind mansion , use an ice cube. It exerts pressure with him, at intervals of 3 seconds, for one minute.

The welfare it gives us is almost immediate.


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